Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Workers protest increasing day after day In Islamic Republic .......

According to reports from Iran, there has been eight workers protest during ten days ( since Jan.20 until Jan.29 ,2015) in different cities in Iran. The reasons for the protests are: Low wages, no insurance , no job security, lay off, delay in monthly salary , inflation and ......

The following protest happened during the period of Jan.20 - 29,2015:
1-200 workers of " Mese Khatoon Abad" ( Khatoon Abad Copper workers) in the city of Kerman gathered in front of Provincial governors office and protested for job security .

2- 200 Workers of Varamin sugar factory staged protest at the entrance of factory against factories closure and delay in payment and becoming jobless.

3- Cement factory workers of Mehriz Trading stopped working for two days demanding the two managers who have insulted the workers be removed from their posts. Also the workers from water & sewage system in the city of Ahwaz gathered in front of their office for four months delay in their wages.

4- 1400 workers of Tazre Mine in the city of Shahroud protested for their four months in delay of their wages.

Above these , are the protest by teachers and Nurses ...........


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