Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Islamic Regime Is Going to Send Ahmad Zaidabadi The Political prisoner After Six Years Imprisonment To Internal Exile !

According to Saham News , Ms. Mahdieh Mohammadi wife of Ahmad Zaidabadi in her Facebook wrote that, her husband will go to internal exile direct from prison . The Imprisoned Journalist Ahmad Zaidabadi  have finished his six years prison sentence but face yet another harsh sentence and that is to go into the internal exile in the city of Gonabad.
Ms. Mahdieh Mohammadi in her Facebook wrote: " I feel that we are so much oppressed " .
Ahmad Zaidabadi a reformist journalist was arrested by security forces together with hundreds of other activists and journalists after presidential election coup in 2009 and spent 141 days in solitary confinement in cell number 240 of Evin prison . He was later sentenced to six years imprisonment and five years internal exile to the city of Gonabad and is banned from social and political activities in all his life time.

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