Friday, May 29, 2015

Ministry of Information Calling Iranian Writers One By One For Interrogations !

According to news in recent months the ministry of information has increased its activities against the Association of Iranian Writers and its members by calling the members for interrogations.

The Association of Iranian Writers in a communique reported that; Mr. Keyvan Bajen a member of the association was called by ministry of information for interrogation.
The communique reported that, the ministry of information called Mr. Bajen by phone on Monday and asked him to attend in one of their offices.
Another  writer who was called by the ministry of information in last month is Bektash Abtin who was four days under interrogation.
One of other writer who also was interrogation this month is Reza Khandan Mahabadi who spent three days interrogation by ministry agents .

The Association or Iranian Writers strongly condemned these activities of the Ministry of Information and called it a kind of increasing pressure against freedom of expressions and violation of human rights.


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