Sunday, May 31, 2015

Unprecedented Warning of MP Ali Motahari to President Hasan Rohani !

According to news MP Ali Motahari warned president Hasan Rohani on collaboration of some of his Government officials with the elements of the 9th and 10th Government ( the Gov. of Ahmadinejad) . He called these element as " the elements for the strangulation of freedom " . He also warned President Rohani for more tightening the freedom of expressions.

MP Ali Motahari's warning came after he was told that he should not deliver his speech in the city of Karaj by Friday prayer of the city including Sepahe Pasdaran and Governor of the city.
Mr. Motahari called these interference with the Government executive responsibilities as a kind of anarchism in Iran.....
MP Ali Motahari in his letter to Rohani warned if these kinds of activities continued ,he would summon the Minister of Interior for impeachment .

It is needed to say that; the Minister of Interior of Rohani Government is an element of the radical Jebhe Paydari group ( Like Ahmadinejad ) .



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