Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ms. Shahindokht Molaverdi Deputy of Women Issues to President Rohani Is Unable to Influence for The Iranian Women To Enter The Stadium !

According to Sharq Newspaper Even shahindokht Molaverdi the deputy of Women Issues to president Hasan Rohani is unable to get permission from Minister of Interior to let the Iranian women to enter the stadium to watch and support the volleyball game between Iran and US team taking place inside Iran.
The minister of interior of the Rohani's government is a hard liner . Rahmani Fazli the minister of interior earlier said ,he would not allow the radical Islamist to hold rally about this issue but on Wednesday about 100 radical moslems hold a rally in front of interior ministry and chanted anti women slogan and warned women if they have entered stadium there would be clashes.

Although earlier the government planned to let about 500 women mostly the family members of the Iranian players to enter the stadium and watch the game but in recent days this plan end up with no result and as a result no women will be entering the stadium.

The World Volleyball Federation in the past threatened Iranian volleyball federation to let the Iranian women to enter the stadium or else the committee will withdraw Iranian volleyball team from the games.

Before the revolution the Iranian women could enter the stadiums , it was after the revolution they were bared from entering the stadiums ,Sharq newspaper said.


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