Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Foreign Minister Zarif is a Lier, even singer and Concerts Under This regime is silenced or Cancelled for Various Nonsense Reason !!

ISNA news agency reported that, the concert of " Parvaze Homay " which was supposed to go on for five nights in Tehran was forced to cancel due to an order by judiciary power.
" Parvaze Homay " had no show for eight years . The organizers  told to those who have bought the tickets earlier ,the money would be deposited in their account.
Although all preparation was made and all the permission was given to the organizers to go ahead for the show but it was cancelled . In response to this ,the singer of the " Parvaze Homay " Mr. Saeed Jafarzadeh Sar Gourabi said; I don't understand why the officials in the judiciary won't allow us to go ahead for the show ,  if i had mistakes in the past ,i already admitted and i am ready to compensate , be patient ,  see me today and my future and then decide, i don't know where these all accusation against me comes from , they have to give me the opportunity to go on the stage and fulfill my response and responsibilities. I am the son of this revolution and i will remain loyal to this country as long as i am alive.
According to this news , the judiciary accused the singer as counter revolutionary.
The " Parvaze Homay " or " Mastan " group is a traditional song and music group.  


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