Monday, August 24, 2015

33 Iranian Human Rights Organizations Calls For Justice on Mass Political Prisoners Killing by Islamic Regime in Iran 27 Years Ago…..

Solidarity For Human Rights in Iran :

We Demand Justice on This Injustice !

The Killing Of Political Prisoners in 1987-88 Won't Be Forgotten !

Every year on September Iranian around the world commemorate the mass killing of political prisoners  by Islamic Regime in Iran …….

33 Iranian Human Rights organizations from around the world released a statement on the coming of the event which is called " the mass killing of the political prisoners"  by Islamic regime in Iran and were buried hurriedly in shallow grave at night in a remote cemetery called Khavaran .
It didn't go long before a few brave Iranian exposed this grave by removing the soil and finding prisoners buried with their cloths in shallow grave and taking photo and then exposing to the world to see.

It was then when khavaran become known as one of the location regime buried its  political prisoners in mass killing and by knowing this the parents of those killed in prison gathered there every year to console themselves by laying flower on the cemetery land for their loved one ….

This file is still open after 27 years of Islamic reign against those officials responsible in the killing …..

This is a crime against humanity.

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