Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Political Prisoners Letter : Mr. Ahmed Shaheed , I Wish To Die ……..

Kurdistan Human Rights Defenders :
Afshin Sohrabzadeh a 24 years old Kurdish political prisoner who suffers from intestinal cancer sent a letter from Minab prison to doctor Ahmed Shaheed ( the UN reporter on human rights in Iran) , he wrote: Mr. Ahmed Shaheed , i wish to die……..

This young political prisoner suffers from intestinal cancer and has bleeding and his life is in great danger if not sent to the hospital for treatment

According to his letter , there is no cure for cancer in Iran and nothing has left from his body except  skin and bones……

He wrote:

Dear Mr. Ahmed Shaheed ,
 i am Afshin Sohrabzadeh a Kurdish political prisoner and i suffer from cancer …
I am certain you don't know me , i hope you receive this letter and know that , as a 24 year old young man , i was sentenced for five minutes in a court to 25 years imprisonment and right now i suffer from cancer and i am in Minab prison.

In June …2010 i was arrested by security forces of Kamiyaran city and was sentenced by the court of revolution- division # 2 in the city of Sanandaj to 25 years imprisonment and internal exile to Minab prison. regimes judiciary charged me with " membership to kumeleh party and " Maharebeh "( Fighting with regime) .
As far as i know, i was healthy prior coming into the prison, i was tortured and my nose was broken and the hernia was raptured by the torturers.
Mr. Shaheed if i will write about what had happened on me in prison , i have to publish a book about it , but my problem right now is the sikness that i suffer which is cancer and it will end up with death.
where there is no cure for it in Iran…..

Nothing has left from me, except skin and bones…..every day the judiciary officials send my aged mother from Kamiyaran public prosecutor office to Sanandaj and then to Minab all for agreeing to my mother request for my treatment…..

I will say it simpler ….i wish to die ….its 5 years that i suffer…… I don't want you will do something for me , but i pity for my mom who also suffer what i suffer and  no one listens to her…..
and now for the sake of my mother …..and in order you to show that you do not discriminate about the rights of Kurdish , do something for me.

Afshin Sohrabzadeh
Minab prison
Thursday September 10 , 2015

CC : to

Amnesty international
UN reporter
Ban Ki Moon's office
UN Human Rights Commissioner



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