Monday, August 31, 2015

" Khavaran " Hundreds Of Political Prisoners Buried Here ……..27 Years Has Passed …….Crime Against Humanity ….Family's Continue Calling For Justice

Every Year on September One, families of political prisoners killed in prisons gather at Khavaran to commemorate the memories of their loved ones.
Mansoureh Behkish's  six family members are buried in " Khavaran " Cemetery . In an article she explained how on Friday morning at 8:00 am together with other families attended at Khavaran  to lay flower on cemetery's land where hundreds of political prisoners including her family members are buried in shallow graves 27 years ago….

Ms. Mansoureh said; as we arrived at Khavaran , we saw security and police forces including plain cloths from ministry of information in several cars around the cemetery and at the gate, despite the warning earlier via phone by agents threatening the families not to attend at Khavaran , but some families  went ahead to go to the cemetery and lay their  flowers , as we got off from our car at the cemetery , the police forces also got off and stood in front of the gate  , we continued going towards the gate ,they closed the gate and tried to take our flowers , they told us to leave the place , as we tried to pour flower petals around the gate ,they used violence force and we resisted ,  we told them this is our rights , this situation continued , then we decided to wait by seating along the street , but nothing changed , after few hours we decided to throw the flowers inside the cemetery and pour flower petals  around the gate and left the place with the perfume of flowers ,without being able to go inside ………
She added that; later the group attended at her home where her mother was waiting and continued their commemoration at home.


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