Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bahareh Hedayat Student Activist Must Spend Two Years More In Prison After Spending Five And A Half Years …...

Bahareh behind prison window speaking with husband

A Repressive Regime With Repressive Judiciary !

Bahareh Hedayat the Iranian student activist who was arrested after the green movement uprising, thought she will be released and in fact her release order was issued but four days after the introduction of article 134 her old two years suspended sentencing was implemented and regime's judiciary decided she must stay another two years in prison.
Bahareh Hedayat was arrested in 2006 in a gathering in "Hafte Tir "square and received a suspended sentence of two years imprisonment.
Bahareh Hedayat together with Majid Tavakoli were two most prominent Iranian student activists who have spent years in prison including solitary confinement . Bahareh and her husband ( Amin Ahmadian ) lived only one year together when this all happened …….

…..In a letter Bahareh wrote to her husband that , four days ago the prison officials called her to the office and showed her the release letter but they didn't release her , why she have to stay in prison for four days while her release order was issued……?


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