Monday, August 31, 2015

Ali Shakuri-Rad Is Arrested After Press Conference ……..

Recently A political party namely " Hezbe Etehade Islami " ( United Islamic Party ) was established and Ali Shakuri-Rad was elected as the general secretary . He is known for his activities as a reformist within the system  and in the past acted and supported for Green movement .  Most of the members of the United Islamic Party are supporters or reformist activists.
Mr. Ali Shakuri-Rad in the conference spoke about harmonizing his party activities with the state.
He was summoned a few hours after the conference to the prosecutors office and was arrested there.
According to judiciary he is suspected of continuing his seditious activities against the state.

Islamic regime in Iran like the past regime of Shah both acted and acting against Iranian peoples will , and that is to have a parliamentary system with democratically elected parties . The regime of Shah Banned political parties and created just his own two parties ( Hezbe Irane Novin , and , Hezbe Mellat ), and Islamic regime also won't allow political party's to establish and have their activities started in Iran ……Even those reformists within the system ……….


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