Thursday, September 17, 2015

In Iran The Security Forces Have The Upper Hand ………Hassan Rohani's Government Is Another " Good For Nothing" …..

36 years have passed since the Iranian people's revolution in 1978-79. The Main goal of the revolution was FReedom and Justice For All Iranian . Right after khomeini took control of the revolution and after the establishment of Islamic regime in Iran , the new theocratic regime's main effort was to control the masses and therefore to establish a much more fearful security intelligence services from among revolutionary guards combined with former regimes intelligence force Savak to protect Islamic regime……..the new regime succeeded to establish that and by their intelligence and repression against other political parties and  organizations as well as political personalities within the provisional government with the tactic of " Divide and rule " was  able to rule for now….. Since then the security forces took the upper hand in Iran's political hierarchy and up to now the so called reformists government was and is unable to bring any reform within the hard core of the Islamic political system…
By saying that, the human rights condition have not changed at all and in fact day after day we are witnessing the continued systematic violation of basic human rights of all Iranian people……
The reason for this is because, those who rule Iran does not believe at all in human rights as adopted by UN and other nations in the world. 
And "Islamic human rights" is nothing but another game to play and therefore the real human rights to delay  ….

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