Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bahai News: 17 Iranian Bahai's Citizens Were Arrested On Sunday Morning …..

According to Bahai news ,17 Iranian Bahai's were arrested by security agents on the morning of Sunday at their homes. The arrest happened in the city of Mashhad , Tehran and Isfahan.
According to news the security agents attended at their homes and workplace and after arresting them ,they have taken their personal belonging with them as well.
Those arrested are :

In Mashhad :
Sanaz Eshaghi
Nika Pakzadan
Farzaneh Daneshgary
Naghmeh Zabihian

In Tehran:
Saba Farnoush
Negar Bagheri
Nava Monjazeb
Yavar Haghighat
Naveed Aghdasi
Helia Moshtagh

In Isfahan:

Adib Janmian
Matin Janmian
Sahab Rohani
Arshia Rohani
Yeganeh Agahi
Zarin Aghbabaei
Parvin Nikaeen
Keyvan Nikaeen
Vaheed Karami


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