Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Security Agents of Sepah Arrested Five Iranian Journalists …..!!!!!!!!???????

According to Radio Zamaneh , on Tuesday " Rahe Dana " one of  Sepah's websit in a communique announced that;  the security forces of Sepah have arrested five Iranian journalists on the charges of working for western countries .
The three journalists who have been arrested are : Eisa Saharkheiz , Ehsan Mazandrani , Afarin Chitsaz and……. the name of two others haven't been disclosed yet.

The communique reads: "This action came after months of follow up and information from the actions of these networking. " The end part of the communique says: About the actions and the changes more information will be released later .

The website wrote : "The Unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman ( the intelligence forces of Sepah ) with the  order of ministry of justice have arrested these five persons " .

Eisa Saharkheiz was arrested at his home …hour later Ehsan Mazandrani the former parliamentary reporter and chief editor of Farhikhtegan newspaper was arrested .


New news release on this issue…

According to a report one other journalist name is Saman Safarzaei the editor of monthly " Andisheh Pouya" .


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