Saturday, December 12, 2015

18 Years Imprisonment for Three Iranian Artists by Islamic Regime in Iran …...

According to news , Mr. Mehdi Rajabiya a musician  and founder of the website known as " Barge Mozik " ( Music Page)  , Mr. Hossein Rajabiyan an independent film director and photographer,  together with Yousef Etemadi musician, in the branch number 28 of the trial court which took a few minutes by a presiding judge known to all human rights organizations around the world and his name is " judge Moghiseh", each were sentenced to six years imprisonment .
They were also condemned to pay a fine of 20 million Tuman each…….

Their sentencing is based on the alleged charges for example five years imprisonment just for " insulting the faith sacred " and one year for allegedly "propagating against the regime".

The three artists are free on a 200 million Tuman bail …...

IRAN WATCH CANADA: This sentencing looks like the decision  in the" middle ages" to me ……
while we are living in 21st century …….


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