Friday, December 04, 2015

A Petition With Half A Million Signature For The Release Of Jaison Rezaeian The Iranian - American Journalist Who is Currently in a Prison in Iran…..

According to German news DW on December 3,2015 , more than half a million signature is collected for the release of Iranian -American journalist Jaison Rezaeian who is currently in a prison in Iran.
Jaison has already spent 500 days in prison. Jaison's brother Ali Rezaeian gave this petition to the Islamic regime's representative at UN .

Ali Rezaeian said; We just want him to return to home . it has been too long for us and it looks like a marathon to us and we don't know when this marathon will end and what would be the result …..
According to news this petition is made of 10000 pages . 
Ali Rezaeian said, his brother is innocent and there is no record to show his brother is guilty of anything  ,so he is in prison without any evidence against him. 



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