Sunday, November 29, 2015

Ex Judge Said Mortazavi Left Iran For Najaf City In Iraq …...

Said Mortazavi , a judge known as butcher of the reformists media , a judge who was involved in the killing of Zahra Kazemi the Iranian - Canadian photojournalist , as a person who was involve in the killings of Iranian protesters in green movement in Kahrizak prison, and as a person who's involvement  in corruption of billions of Iranian money ..left Iran for Najaf city in Iraq.

How can he travel outside of Iran with huge criminal records while the Iranian human rights defenders like Nasrin Sotoudeh or Narges Mohammadi and other human rights defenders can't leave the country .?????
His departure from Iran raised the eyebrow of many politicians and human rights defenders who follow the politics in Iran closely and opens many questions ?

Question like , why did he leave Iran?  Was there a possibility to arrest him for his involvement in Zanjani's huge corruption charges ( Zanjani is on trial currently in Iran ) ????

Was his life in danger ? for example the Sepah intelligence to kill him due to lots of information he has about the Spah's involvement in corruptions.

Is he going to be killed in Iraq silently ? As what happened to Said Emami an agent of ministry of information !!!???? Or will he return to Iran …?????!!!

There are so many questions about this well informed and controversial former judge and a strong supporter of fundamentalists and Ahmadi Nejad's Government.

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