Friday, November 20, 2015

Hossein Jaberi Ansari Foreign Affairs Spokesperson: Iran Is Against Misusing The Human Rights Issues Against Independent Countries ???!!!

According to news from ISNA , Hossein Jaberi Ansari the spokesperson for the Islamic regime's foreign affairs said: Iran is against misusing/ Using Human Rights as a tool against independent countries.
Mr. Jaberi Ansari was speaking about the recent third committee of the UN general assembly which issued a resolution against Islamic regime in Iran for continues violation of human rights particularly the high number of execution .

Mr. Jaberi Ansari said: Islamic Republic of Iran (???!!!) based on its principles is against misusing / using the human rights issues as a tool against independent countries.

First of all, Islamic regime in Iran is not independent, because its economy and policies are influenced by capitalists norms and its economy depends on western industrial countries as well as China. secondly , Islamic Regime in Iran does not and can not introduce a modern policy or a modern country based on its Islamic ideology . It can not introduce a civil society based on its Islamic teachings . Because Its policy is based on 1400 years ago's Islamic principles / at the time of Mohammad the Islam's prophet .
After the revolution in Iran, it was this regime which again brought back to the world the stoning of women , it is this regime which continues public hangings, it is this regime which hangs the juvenile criminals , it is this regime still at this time punishes the criminals by cutting their hands and feet's and removes their eyes, it is this regime that continues its discriminatory /biased policy towards the minority faith groups , it is this regime which continues its Islamic policy by not letting the Bahai's children to attend at schools in Iran or to practice their faiths at their holy places , it is this regime which detained leaders of the Bahai faith group, it is this regime which detains the civil rights lawyers and human rights defenders , it is this regime that won't allow its women to attend and watch sports games, it is this regime that calls women are half of the men , it is under this regime that women can't become judge and so so so many …….
Yet this regime cry wolf for the violation of human rights in other countries like Saudi Arabia , Yemen, Palestine , Bahrain and …………
Iranian people are tired of this Islamic regime and their Islamic policies. It is the Iranian people who are more modern , more educated and cultured and more civil than this regime and their officials…..

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