Tuesday, November 17, 2015

On A Raid In The City Of Ghazvin And Rasht 170 People Are Arrested By Sepah Intelligence ….

According to news coming from Iran and reports from Sepah website known as " Gerdab" (Whirlpool )
170 people are arrested by Sepah security forces in the city of Ghazvin and Gilan on November 7 and 10 , 2015 on allegedly website and mobile moral breaches.
No one knows if there were a coordinated effort between judiciaries and Sepah agents  or Sepah alone without any judiciary summons did all these raids.
Sepah has its own prison ward in Evin prison known as " Bande Do Alef" and runs the show there. 
One day after these arrests in a press conference Mr. Mohseni Ejeie the spokesperson for judiciary rejected these arrests and said: ُWe  have asked from prosecutors office in the city of Ghazvin about these arrests and they had no information about it .
On Nov.10,2015 the Sepah online watchdogs in the city of Gilan also announced of the arrest of several citizens who have breached the cyber code of conduct of the Islamic regime.


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