Wednesday, November 25, 2015

" Sepah " Has Threatened More Journalists Will Be Arrested ………….

According to Sepah's website ( Sepah= the Revolutionary Guards ) known as Gerdab , Alireza Rahmani the spokesperson for the Sepah's commanding office on cyber security said; Surely those other journalists working with newspapers inside the country  and are in collaboration with Behnoud ( A pro- reform  Iranian Journalist who is currently working for BBC -farsi programs and living in England)will be dealt with when their turn comes up.

The Intelligence of Sepah ( the revolutionary guard ) is carrying an underground assault on all journalists in media or civil rights activists and others who are critical to the regime before the coming of parliamentary and assembly of experts election in next March.  Their main targets are the pro -reformists and particularly those who have actively participated during green movement. Masoud Behnoud a well known journalist is known for his active support for reform and reformists government and green movement . Behnoud currently live in London and works with BBC Farsi programs.


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