Wednesday, November 25, 2015

According to News: A Person Who Was Receiving Oil From The Ministry Of Oil To Sell , Took 160 Billion Tumans Of Iranian Government Money And Escaped To Canada …..!!!??????

According to Mr. Naser Saraj the head of the inspection Organization of the Country , a man like Babak Zanjani ( Who is currently in trial for money laundering & corruption ) who was receiving oil from the ministry of oil to sell , took 160 billion Tumans ( Iranian money ) and escaped the country for Canada .
Mr. Saraj who was in Pakistan speaking to IRNA reporter on Wednesday said, most of the money launderers and corrupted people in the country have escaped to Canada . Mr. Saraj did not mention or disclose the name of the person but he said , we will try to return the money to the country.
He add by saying that, when someone like this escape to a country , we can't do anything but hope that the destination country will cooperate with us and return the person back to the country.


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