Saturday, December 26, 2015

70 Members Of Parliament Prepared A Petition To Stop the Death Sentence For Drug smugglers, If Approved In Parliament Session…...


Mir Hadi Ghareh Seyed romiani an MP and member of the judiciary & legal Commission of the parliament reported that ; 70 MP has prepared a petition to stop the death sentence for drug smugglers. If this petition approved in parliament , and if the judiciary and Government consent to this changes then the death sentence for heavy drug smugglers will change to life prison sentence.

Alahyar Malekshahi another MP and the head of Judiciary and legal commission said: The laws in this regard needs for reform .
This MP also added that, to remove the death sentence for drug smugglers needs the national consent .

This news is coming while just today three drug smugglers at Parsilon prison in the city of Khoram Abad were executed .


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