Monday, February 01, 2016

Fatemeh Motamed Arya The Iranian Actress Was Insulted By Friday Prayer Imam Of The City Of Kashan And His Followers …...

City of Kashan is the city of Famous Iranian poet Sohrab Sepehry whose poems invite people for peacefulness ,softness and culture.

Last week Fatemeh Motamed Arya the Iranian actress together with Kaveh Ebrahimpour the director of the film " Yahya Didn't Keep The Silence " were invited in the city of Kashan , while the theatres were showing the film and they were there to speak to the audience .
In the meantime clergy Abdolnabi  Namazi the Friday prayer imam of the city in a quran studies meeting spoke ill about the actress, about her hijab and called public mourning for her coming to the city , and called their Q& Q session prior to the opening of the film as " Lahv o Laab " meaning " sexual party or meeting for sexual purposes" which created an uproar among almost all Iranian film makers and film industry . Based on what he said , his followers staged protest in front of the Cinema where the actress and the director were delivering the Q&A session , they were chanting slogans which were inappropriate against an actress who is well known for her nobleness and respect among the celebrities and values .

Because of this Friday prayer imam's insult to an Iranian actor almost all Iranian in the film industry came in their colleagues support and commented against the Imam and his followers actions.
This was great to see almost all celebrities in a unified action defending their colleagues.

We have seen same actions among the teachers in the past and i hope same action happens when people in other fields like workers and sports athletes and so…..are being humiliated or their rights being violated by regime officials and their fundamentalist followers.


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