Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Islamic Regime Has Executed A Kurdish Yaresan Faith …..

According to news, a Kurdish Yaresan Faith political prisoner from the city of Kermanshah is executed by Islamic regime in Karaj City prison.

Fardin Hoseini was 35 years old ,married with one daughter who is 15 years old .

On Thursday Fardin was executed in Karaj prison , he was "accused" of killing the friday prayer imam of Hashtgard clergy Abbasali Sabahi Golpayegani .

This political prisoner was six years in prison under heavy torture to confess the killing which he rejected repeatedly and denied of having lawyer to defend him.

Hashtgard is a city around Karaj and before the revolution most of its population were of Yaresan faith but after the revolution regime decided to build mosque in the city which caused clashes between the people and regime .


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