Thursday, January 21, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran : Using The Word " Sharab " ( Meaning vine ) in Books Are prohibited …...

According to Mehr news , Islamic regime in Iran in a new move banned the use of the word " Sharab" ( meaning vine) .
The Ministry of Guidance and Culture also banned the use of foreign names for pets .

This policy is going to be carried out to make the books and its reading more healthy????!!!!! said one of the officials in the MGC.

Mohammad Salgi the official from MGC said; out of 15000 books , 6000 had slight problem and we have told the publisher to correct the issues and less than 500 of the book were banned from publication .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Imagine the word Sharab ( vine) be removed from the poetry books , i mean from the past and present famous Iranian poets like Hafez, Saadi, Molavi , Shamlou and……??????!!!!!!!

These people are nuts .


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