Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hila Sediqi Iranian Poet : My Jailers Were Transferring Me By Cages From One Location To Another …….

According to news, Hila Sediqi the young Iranian poet said; when she returned on Thursday Jan. 7 this year to Tehran -Iran " Imam " airport from abroad, she was arrested and detained and was transferred by cages to different locations but released after two days by bail.
Hila asked from the judiciary officials and civil rights advocates to help the situation of prisoners particularly the political prisoners.

She wrote on her Facebook that, she spent the first night at the airports prison facility in a solitary confinement and then she was transferred to Shahpoor prison.
She added that, the officials dealt with her like a criminal. She also said; in Shahpoor prison, she was in a cell with an area of 4 meters and with eight criminals.
She said; in 2009 presidential election  i voted for Mir Hossein Musavi and in the past i supported the reformists and i don't belong to any political group, party or organizations , i just wanted freedom for my people and development of my country and human rights for Iranian and for the people of the world.


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