Friday, January 08, 2016

Regime's Thugs have killed Another Iranian Student Activist Mr. Peyman Moravati ……..

According to news from" Campaign for the Defence of Political and Civil rights Prisoners" , Mr. Peyman Moravati a student activist and electrical engineer was shot by assailant in front of his home at Yakhchi Abad - Tehran on December and died on the two bullet wounds, one on his chest and the other on his head.

For continuing his education ,penman was also working in meat industry . In December he noticed a suspicious car with passengers in front of his home and was shot in close range to chest and head and died on his wounds.

According to news , at 1:00 AM in the morning of Friday close to New Year,  Peyman saw two suspicious car , one in front of his home and the other at the entrance of his alley . Both Peyman and his father went to the door , upon opening the door Peyman was shot twice and his father was also hit by a bullet on his arm and wounded. Because of the sound, the neighbours and his uncle came out to the street and saw the assailant shouting and shooting in the sky.
The neighbours took a video and the suspects are identifiable in the video.

According to Family members , after noticing the suspicious car and suspects, they have called police for help but no efforts made by police.
The family also said, some media reported the event in a wrong way as a revenge type of story , in their story the assailant escaped to the city of Karaj and when the police arrived at the location ,the assailant left the location.

The family member and friends of Peyman said, he had no enemy and he was a freedom loving student ……

My heart goes into fire when i hear this kind of storey of a young man killed with no justice for his killing……Condolence to his family and to all student activists in Iran.
The lives of Iranian civil rights and human rights activists including the writers, journalists and labor rights advocates and ……are in great danger and risk as long as the plain cloths agents of sepah and Basij Melitias are protected by regime and the judiciary power ( on Impunity ), and Government has no guts to stop them . As these type of killing continues , president Hassan Rohani's Government does nothing but to keep in silence .


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