Monday, January 04, 2016

This Is The " Mother Behkish" , Whose Six Son ,Daughter And Son InLaw Were Killed During The Mass Killing Of Political Prisoners in 1987-88……Mother Bahkish Have Died At Her Home Yesterday…...

Mother Behkish have died at her home yesterday Jan.03,2016 and she will be laid to rest in Beheshte Zahra Cemetery,  said her only daughter Mansoureh Behkish in Tehran -Iran .

Regime have executed six members of her family during a mass political prisoners killing in 1987-88 : A daughter , A son inlaw, and four of her son .
Here is their name:

Zahra Behkish ( daughter) , Mahmoud Behkish ( son) , Mohsen Behkish ( son) , Mohammad Reza Behkish ( son) , Ali Behkish ( son) and Siyamak Asadian ( son inlay) .

Mother Bahkish and her children

She was the symbol of patience and resistance for justice .

In an interview she said : About which one i will talk ?, regime has taken five of my dear children and all of them were educated and human ………….

Nayereh Jalali Mohajer known as Mother Behkish have passed away at her home yesterday Sunday Jan. 3,2016.

This is what she said in her interview:
" When they killed Mahmoud and Ali , after three months they gave their belongings , they didn't even give their will but instead they said; we cut /torn them. I have cried and shouted ,please tell me ,were did you bury them? They didn't say nothing ….. for a long period of time ,i was wandering between Evin prison and Beheshte Zahra Cemetery……When i was in Beheshte Zahra , they were saying go ask in Evin prison and when in Evin prison ,they were saying go to Beheshte Zahra……and finally one person in Beheshte Zahra Cemetery told us to go to Khavaran ……….Together with my husband we went to Khavaran and saw what a catastrophic crime has happened. I only call patience for all the mothers and hope for justice for our children …."

She added: Zahra ( the daughter) was a graduate of master in Physics and she was a teacher…..both Zahra and her husband Siyamak were executed. They were all buried in a mass grave in Khavaran Cemetery …...


IRAN WATCH CANADA: Condolence to Behkish's family and all those mothers awaiting for justice...

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