Saturday, January 16, 2016

Islamic Judiciary Must Release All Iranian Political Prisoners -Now That They Released Four American Political Prisoners...

According to Fars News agency - the Islamic regime judiciary has released four American political prisoners including Jason Rezaeian the Washington Post journalist.
Fars News wrote: Jason Rezaeian and Saeid Abedini ( The Iranian Prist) were released moments before.
Picture from front page of Fars news
According to judiciary reporter of Fars news, Jason Rezaeian and Said Abedini ( the Iranian priest) who had dual nationality were released moment earlier.
An hour earlier ,Tehran public prosecutor reported about the release of four Iranian -American who were all dual citizens.

It is speculated that, Amir Mirza Hekmati who was in prison for the charge of espionage is among those released.

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Islamic regime judiciary must release all Iranian political prisoners . Time and time we have seen these types of news that regime has released foreign political prisoners but not the Iranian nationals political prisoners who are kept years behind the bars.
Justice and judiciary system under Islamic regime is not only political but also discriminative and biased.

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