Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Islamic Regime : In Comparison With Western Countries On Human Rights, We Have Important Views To Offer to the world ...

If the above words were said by Sweden or Norway, it was worth to think, but when it's been told by the Islamic Regime in Iran with bunch of fossils like those in the Judiciary , Guardian Councils or Ministry of Guidance and Culture with their Islamic human rights views taken from Quran written 1400 years ago, it becomes like a joke.

It was in the news that, in a meeting organized by the human rights headquarter of the Islamic regime,   Mohammad Sadeq Larijani the head of the judiciary power said;In comparison with Western Countries on Human Rights we have important views to offer but we lacked the efforts and we have shortcomings on political philosophy of the individual rights . We must make efforts to show to the world about the double standards policy of the western countries on human rights and also to show to the world through mass media that we have great respect for human rights or we have protected human rights and have done great work for human rights.
However the meeting concluded that , they will look into the situation of drug dealers execution and bring the other cultures and countries to meeting organized by the human rights headquarter of the Islamic regime.
Those in attendance in this meeting were: The head of judiciary power  , police forces , foreign affairs , public prosecutors , head of prisons , the head of human rights office of the regime and…….


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