Saturday, January 16, 2016

Despite of All International Cry To Stop The High Number Of Execution By Islamic Regime in Iran , Regime Continues The Execution of Criminals Among Them Sometimes Political Prisoners …….

According to news, Regime has hanged four criminals charged with drug trafficking in its Karj Central prison facility on last Tuesday. Karaj Central prison facility is one of the place where regime carries out  high number of death sentences by hanging . Regime first takes those who are going to be executed to solitary confinement a few days earlier and then carries out the hanging .The names of these execution is released as the following: Seyed Hamid Hajian,  Hossein Tutian Noush, Mostafa Jamshidi and Mohsen Nasiri.
Picture of one of the previous public hangings 

According to another news, regime also executed six criminals in its prison facility in Orumieh on last Wednesday morning.


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