Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Iranian Political Prisoners Still on Hunger Strike …..

Based on news coming from Iran, Iranian political prisoners in protest to their prison condition went on hunger strike and they continued their hunger strike …
These political prisoners who are on hunger strike are:
Hossein  Ronaghi Maleki, Said Razavi Faghih , Iraj Hatami, Farid Azemoudeh and Behzad Tarahomi .

Hossein Ronaghi Maleki and Said Razavi Faghih are two political prisoners who suffers from illnesses / health complications and are inside ward number 7 at Evin prison . they are on their 4th and 7th day of hunger strike because the prison and judiciary officials denies their medical care.

Also, Farid Azemoudeh, Iraj Hatami and Behzad Tarahomi were the past employees of the defence Ministry who are in Rejaei Shahr Prison as national security prisoners. The prison officials at Rejaei Shahr transferred these political prisoners from ward 12 ( A political ward ) to general ward (among criminals ). They want the officials to return them to ward number 12.

IRAN WATCH CANADA : The judiciary of the Islamic regime and in general the judiciary system of the regime needs reform and a new head of judiciary, who is not appointed by Khamenei the leader but an independent body who think independently and is impartial . Right now Khamenei imposes his political will on the judiciary system . So long as the door of the judiciary turn on this pivot , nothing will change .

Mohammad Sadegh Larijani - Head of judiciary  


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