Friday, April 22, 2016

Free Omid # Tweet ….Was ranked number three or four , just behind Q. E's Birthday and the News about the Death of Supper Star Prince ….

Regime and its judiciary power ( Mohammad Sadegh Larijani) are responsible for anything happens to Omid Kokabi while in prison……  

Omid is a young Scientist …….

Omid Kokabi is an imprisoned Iranian physicist and a phd. degree student in US when six years ago decided to visit his family in Tehran- Iran. While in Iran, after visiting the office of the deputy of Atomic energy organization and saying no to their request for collaboration , he was arrested by regime's security forces when he was returning to US and spent 36 days in solitary confinement and  months in prison without trial until he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for alleged charges of collaboration with enemy governments and earning unlawful incomes .
Omid , his lawyer and family believes the reason he is in jail is because he said NO to collaboration with regime.
While in prison he became sick from kidney and was bleeding from this illness , doctors believed he had kidney stone and prison official wouldn't let him leave the prison for treatment up until recently he was diagnosed with cancerous tumour in his kidney and the surgeon in an operation removed his right  kidney.

Doctors warned that if he is to return to prison his life will be in danger.  

Omid is not a political person and during the 2009 green movement he wasn't in Iran, so, regime can't accuse him with political activities. The only reason he is in prison is because he said no to the collaboration with regime , that's all.

Omid Kokabi believes that the scientists should not join activities that are harmful to human . 


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