Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Mehdi Karoubi Former Parliamentary Speaker Of The Islamic Regime To President Hassan Rohani : I want You To Ask From The Despotic Ruler To Hold My Trial Open To The Public

According to Saham News , Cleric Mehdi Karoubi , the former speaker of the parliament and one of the presidential candidate of 2009 presidential election in Iran and a leader of the green movement, in his first letter from the house arrest to president Hassan Rohani , demanded from president , by defending his  rights guaranteed in the article 168 of the constitution , to ask the despotic ruler to hold his trial open to the public.

He said; by holding his trial open to the public , with the help of God and his lawyers he would inform the public about the election cheating in 2009 presidential election as well as engineering the election  and as well he would speak about what has gone on the children of this country who are in illegal / legal prisons.

Its been six years that Mr. Karoubi , Musavi and his wife Zahra Rahnavard are locked in the house arrest after the suppression of the Green movement protest in 2009.


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