Saturday, April 09, 2016

Iranian Political Activists Gathered To Celebrate The 35th Birthday Of Political Prisoner Bahareh Hedayat And Called For Her Release From Prison ….

Release Bahareh Hedayat The Bride Of the Evin Prison…..

According to news by " Kalameh " website , the website known for Green Movement , the political activists in Tehran from various groups including students movement , human rights movement , past political prisoners , the family of the political prisoners and Mr. Amin Ahmadian ( Bahareh's husband ) have gathered to celebrate the 35th birthday of Ms. Bahareh Hedayat the student political activist who is in women ward of the Evin prison since 7 years ago . According to news and based on her sentencing , she will be released the summer of next year .

Those who were present at the gathering were:
Mohammad Hossein Karoubi,  Keyvan Samimi , Abbas Abdi, Ahmad Zeidabadi, Morteza mardiha, Hamid Reza Jalaeipour, Fakhrosadat mohtashamipour and several other past prison cell mate of Bahareh including her husband . After marrying Amin , she was able to live with her husband for only a year , so, those who were present at this gathering called her the imprisoned bride or the bride of the Evin prison ….

In her preliminary court hearing she was sentenced to seven and half years imprisonment,  but judge Moghiseh had also sentenced her to additional two years imprisonment for her earlier political activities.

Bahareh is a student and women rights activist and she was the spokesperson of one of the student group known as daft are Tahkime Vahdat .

IRAN WATCH CANADA : Islamic regime in Iran throw students activists , women rights activists , human rights activists , labour rights activists , teachers rights activists, religious minorities and in general the political oppositions in prison for a long long time just on a alleged and so called charges like " insult to the leader or " propagating against the regime " and ……...


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