Friday, April 08, 2016

Islamic Regime In Iran Installed Hidden Camera In Traditional Restaurant And Coffee Shops at Western Side Of Tehran …...

According to news from "Tasnim" news agency , Islamic regime in Iran has installed hidden cameras in Traditional restaurant and coffee shops at western part of Tehran to watch / control people.

Tasnim added: Mohsen Khancharli the commander of the police force of the western part of Tehran said; the installation of these cameras are to increase the security of the public places in the western side of Tehran.

In the past, regimes official have closed hundreds of these type of restaurants or coffee shops for what they call as violation of Islamic conduct . For example , if a coffee shops becomes a meeting place of young girls or boys , men or women. Regime's agents also have closed many internet cafes in the past.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: The installation of hidden cameras now means , the regime wants to watch the public more and more , due to fear for public unrest or public uprising , like the  " Animal Farms " of George Orwel , Big brother is watching …….. 


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