Friday, April 22, 2016

Mrs. Shahindokht Molaverdi President's Advisor To Women and Family Issues : A Wave Of Anxiety and Fear for Safety and security Has Occupied The Society And Families' Mind…..

Molaverdi has criticized about the plan to have more than 7000 invisible police in the city …...

On Last Tuesday regime's police chief Commander Hossein Sajedinia has announced that, more than 7000 invisible police will watch Iranian people in the city and report about them or their plate numbers to a central station if they violate the Hijab and have immoral conduct , or are walking with a dogs and even if they do not follow the hijab code of conduct in their cars and this plan also includes men for improper dress code and ….……..

Mrs. Molaverdi said ; This plan has created a wave of panic among families and society to fear about the safety and security of their family members and are worried if their family members are late from coming home.
She said; the Government is going to discuss about this plan in their future session .

Invisible Patrolling Police 

IRAN WATCH CANADA: Islamic regime in Iran is so afraid of its people for surprise uprising and therefore creates so many kinds of police force visible or invisible ……Now …does Islamic regime coming to its end ?……What makes them to be so afraid of its people ?……………..

Animal Farm……..All people are created equal but some are lords ……Napoleon, …….Boxer and clover…..The beasts of England Song…….


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