Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Richard Ratcliff : Where Is My Wife? Who Have Arrested Her? What Are Her Charges/ What Is She Accused Of?

According to news, Richard Ratcliff the husband of Ms. Nazanin Zaghary Ratcliff the imprisoned Iranian -British citizen who have travelled to Iran together with her two years old daughter to visit her parents wants to know ; where is his wife? who have arrested her at Imam Khomeini's airport when she was returning back to Britain? What are her charges ? 

These are the questions Mr. Ratcliff brought up when he spoke with Radio Farda.

She was arrested on April 15 and all these time she has contacted me once by just messaging and that was at the beginning of her arrest . We went back to Iran on May last year ,so she decide to visit her parents this year as well . My wife was working for Ruiters Thompson foundation a charity organization in England. She was the head of projects collecting funds for training young journalists in many countries such as Burma ,  Morocco and Africa…She has once helped the victims of Bam earthquake through Red Cross.


This girl's name is Gabriela and she is just two years old, she has gone to Iran to see her grand parents but Islamic regime in Iran has confiscated her British passport ? What Crime this little girl has committed ? This two years old little girl is a hostage . She went to Iran together with her mother but its been close to a month that she did not see her mom!!!??? She is banned to leave Iran!!!??? Her father Richard Ratcliff a British citizen says , he haven't seen his daughter and can't get visa to go to Iran .

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