Sunday, May 08, 2016

This Iranian - British Women Is Arrested At The Airport …...

According to news from BBC , Ms. Nazanin Zaghary Ratcliff  visited Iran together with her 22 months old daughter and she was returning to England  when arrested by Sepah forces in the airport. After the arrest she was transferred to the city of Kerman and her daughter was given to her parents.
Ms. Nazanin is married with a British citizen ( Mr. Ratcliff ).

According to Richard Ratcliff : His wife together with his 22 months old baby were visiting family members when arrested on April 15 and since then she is in a solitary confinement and has no lawyer to defend her . She is been told that her case is a national security issue and she is under pressure to confess . Her daughters British passport ( Because she was born in Britain of a British father ) is confiscated by the authorities and she can not apply Iranian passport for her daughter because her husband and the father of the daughter is none Iranian . Her husband also can not go to Iran because he need visa.

According to news , Ms. Nazanin is 37 years old and was working with a charity organization in Britain.  

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