Saturday, April 23, 2016

Free Omid # ……………...

Omid Kokabi was the High IQ student of Atomic Physics at Sharif University in Tehran . He also ranked number one in entrance examination at Sharif University. Omid has received award in Olympiad on Atomic physics . Omid was student at University of Texas for higher education in Phd. Atomic physics when in 2011 decided to go to Iran to visit his family . When at Imam Khomini's airport ,he was arrested by security forces , he was detained and the court headed by judge Salavati sentenced him to 10 years imprisonment . He was accused of collaboration with hostile countries .

Omid Kokabi in Hospital chained with bed 
Omid became ill during last five years imprisonment and he suffered kidney bleeding and diagnosed with kidney cancer . Recently in a surgery his right kidney was removed and the doctors warned that he needs continues treatment .

Shame on Despotic Islamic regime in Iran treating its citizen with a high profile like a criminal.
Islamic regime and its Judiciary Power headed by Mohammad Sadegh Amoli Larijani are to be hold accountable for what has gone so far on Omid Kokabi ……...

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