Monday, July 04, 2016

Short Video By Jafar Azimzadeh After Release From The Hospital And Visited By Activists......

Excerpts from the speech by Jafar Azimzadeh in a short video clip :

The Fatigue of 63 days of hunger strike getting out of my body , although i am not tired , i am not really tired , I will tell you at the end of my talk that; why i am not tired , before this , i would like to pay respect to the International labor movements , to local and international labor organizations including Europe, Canada , Australia and other parts of the world, i do respect to all teachers of the country , to all teachers syndicate / union members , to the activists and daring personalities of this movement, i do respect to the activists of civil rights movement, to the activists for freedom and human rights , to political prisoners particularly to those in the Rejaei Shahr and Evin prison, to the students movement despite of all the prices they have paid in supporting the teachers and labor movement , and i do send my salute to the independent or organized workers organizations , and groups or organizations in the factories, and my dear colleagues in the Free Workers Union, who have put hand in hand together with the teachers union , for a demand that; while in prison , me and dear Esmail Abdi made by calling to end " the labor struggles as a security issue "  and / or  " removal of all security case files from the labor activists " , we have made this demands and these friends  made it to a big movement , these friends hands in hands with workers made this to a huge movement, but with regards to the demands in this movement, as i mentioned specifically ; the reality is that, nothing important has occurred to show for the fulfillment of those demands , although dear Esmail , Beheshti , Mr. Rasoul Bodaghi and Alireza Hashemi are released and today i am at my home, this makes us happy but at any time there is a possibility that Mr. Abdi, or Beheshti and me to be brought back to the prison again. And more important, still Behram Ebrahimzadeh  and Mohammad Jarrahi despite of seven years of harsh imprisonment, it was very harsh the imprisonment of these friends, Behnams son was sick and Mohammad Jarrahi himself was sick while being in prison, despite of seven years imprisonment , they are not released and they must be released immediately and unconditionally. It is in this regards that i propose this discussion for the movement that has developed and it is the beginning of a path which must end to the point where that workers , teachers , nurses and all the labourers be able to have their independent union, be able to organize local or countrywide protest for their righteous demands , without fear that their protest be called as a security issue and face a long term imprisonment because of it . Aside from these demands which me and Esmail Abdi has proposed ; the issue of wage increase based on todays human standards , because our country is a very rich country and workers can have the highest wage and higher welfare  , the wage must be equal to the work the workers do. ...........  The right to gather , the right to organize , the right to protest .......job security ........These are the least demands that must be fulfilled , and i as a worker am sure that together with our friends wether we be in prison or outside of prison we will continue our struggle for the fulfillment of those demands......and no one can take away the rights to struggle from us , no power can tell us not to ..............

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