Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Commander Of The Police Force In Central Province : The Server Of The Social Networking Is Outside Of Iran And We Are In Danger Because Of It ......

Tasnim News Agency Reported-

Colonel Kiomars Aziz the commander of the police forces of the Islamic regime in central province including Tehran said: We are in danger because of these social networking servers which are outside of Iran .

He added that; more than 43 % of the people in Iran are using these servers like telegram including  53 % of the people in central province .

He said; We don't have any analysis of these servers ,the only thing that we know is that, people are coming and going out of these servers. In a four member family three people are using telegram ,he added.

IRAN WATCH CANADA: If this regime could control the Sun , she would make it to where , when and whom it should shine .......


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