Monday, June 20, 2016

A Caricature and Few Articles Caused " Ghanoon " Newspaper to A Closure .......

According to news , perhaps a cartoon and a few critical article caused Ghanian newspaper to a closure . The complainants against this newspaper are " Sepah " intelligence ministry  and their legal deputy inside parliament. It was with their complaint the public prosecutor ordered for the closure.

Radio Zamaneh reported that, the website of Ghanoon newspaper indicated that the newspaper is accused of " publication of lies to distress the public's mind "  and rejected any wrong doing.

The cartoon shows the dissidents ( people who are critical to Government policies ) are all seated in a toilet bowl and one says : Well my friends, If you agree with the new conspiracy against the Government,  say it, so that i'll flush the toilet".

The point that is interesting is that, couple of people seating inside the toilet bowl wearing violet shirt  and the person who is going to flush is also wearing violet.
Another complaint against the newspaper is about a report on prisoners situation in Greater Tehran prison titled" The 24 damn hour " ....
Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi the public prosecutor of Tehran said; the newspaper and its managers in charge is under legal prosecution.

The newspaper reported about prisoners very bad situation inside prison and the money they have put in the bank as bail and the prisoners should not touch that .

Under Caricature a sentence from Mohammad Bagher Nobakht the spokesperson of the Government was written as : " They have created a brain storming room and are doing conspiracy every week "  .


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