Thursday, June 09, 2016

Homa Hoodfar In Evin Prison.........

My own experience in early revolution years ( 1982-......)  in Evin and other prison......

Those Iranian who have been living in another country as resident or student or.....when they go back to Iran and at the airport when they confront with revolutionary guards ( Members of Sepah ) and when they hand in their passport to them, the anxiety kicks in and the heart pumps , the anxiety and heart pumping increases when you are being questioned and asked to another room for few more question . You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire . They have some kind of information about you either right or wrong . You be lucky if let go , if not !? you will be taken to an office at the airport and then from there by car to Evin prison.
While going to Evin prison in a car with two revolutionary guards and a driver , everything is in total silence , you may talk but it goes no where, until you reach to the tall and wide gate of Evin prison and there you will get off the car , put a black blindfold given to you and get inside the Horrendous  Evin prison. As soon as in Evin prison , your sight is gone, total blind , and the guards will lead you to an office where the person  in charge  will call you a number you must remember ,where they will deal your case and at the same location you will be asked to lean to a wall and they ask you to remove your blindfold without looking around , just straight to the front and all you will see is a flash of light , a picture taken with a number you hold on your chest for your case file.

I don't know why the Islamic regime does these inhuman court process, all in such a way that makes people sick . Under  Islamic regime's law you are guilty until proven otherwise . You are being arrested , detained , interrogated / tortured , or force people to make video confession of what they haven't done or have no clue about. Under Islamic regime they don't take you to a court first , they instead take you to a prison first.

While they are taking you to Evin prison , the agents or revolutionary guards may kick you, punch you with their fist ( by the way , a few times i was hit by punch was like a hammer coming on your head ) .

These early stage inhuman process itself is very stressful and dangerous for people who have nervous break down or nerve system problem and it can endanger their life so quickly .

Regime doesn't care or don't pay attention about people who suffers some kind of physical or mental challenges.

Then you will be brought to a corridor with some rooms , you will be asked to seat on your feet and wait . One room is the kangaroo court and another is the torture chamber .

While waiting your mind goes in every direction and the whole world shatters on you , then you may hear voices of guards or interrogator who playfully use words that you may think its about you .

You wait and wait .... no matter how long it will take . While there you may hear someone next to you talking to you and asking question , for example: whats your name , why are you here?
You have to be very careful , sometimes these people might not be a prisoner like yourself and instead an informant , trying to talk to you and record what you say !!??

You eat and sleep in the corridor . during breakfast time, four or five people seat together around a tray and eat their breakfast , you are allowed to bring up the blindfold a little bit, just barely to see the food you are going to take and put into your mouth. If you are in a solitary confinement or in a ward with more than 20-30 people , the story is different.

The first things after a long silent waiting is that, you will be asked to go in a room , where they call it a court , court in a prison of course , blindfolded without lawyer , you can't see the person or persons in the room , he may be a judge , prosecutor or an interrogator , you don't know. The person in the room may be a clergy who instead of being in the mosque to preach , is now acting as a judge , prosecutor , interrogator or torturer..........

The person inside the room will guide you to a chair at the end of the room with a small window , however you can't see outside and asks you to push up your blindfold a bit to see the questionnaire . you can't turn your head back to see the people or the person inside the room , all you have to do is now to answer the questions . while writing the answer , you hear screams , cry or shouts from other rooms or the hallway .......
The questions are divided into political belief or political belonging and religious belief or your thoughts about the founder of the regime and .........

It depends how you answer the questions ......

To be continued.......

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