Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Regime Has Intensified Its Attack On Online Activities....

According to IRNA news agency - today Wednesday  " the Fajr security Sepah "  in Fars province region has arrested 12 online users . These online users are dress designers , manikin and.... and are charged with   " propagating online cultural corruption " . Furthermore the Sepah security forces calls those arrested as    " The original elements of Ankaboot project " .

" The Ankaboot project " is a term used by Sepah forces to arrest and detain many social online users and internet activists for alleged charges for propagating the corruption and changing the Islamic style life in Iran.

The Fajr Sepah communique explained those arrested as :

" 20 business Studio , dress designers and manikin which were using the online for propagating cultural corruption and changing the Islamic style of life in Iran ."

According to this communique Sepah has closed these business and arrested 12 people .

Earlier Sepah had announced the arrest and prosecution of 170 people who were handling the websites for  modelling business and the arrest of eight people.


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