Monday, May 30, 2016

Two Imprisoned Iranian Journalists Are On Hunger Strike and Their Lives Are in Danger ....

According to news , Ehsan Mazanderani and Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand two imprisoned Iranian journalists started their hunger strike days ago and now are in deteriorating health condition. Mohammad sedan Kabudvand was transferred to the hospital. according to " Zeitoon " website , after 21 days of hunger strike death threatening Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand.

According to " Kurdistan Human Rights Organization " because of hunger strike , Mohammad Sediq Kabudvand's blood pressure dropped sharply in a way he lost consciousness and was transferred to Taleghani Hospital. The same report said; Mohammad Sediq Kabudvands Doctor said ; if he continues the hunger strike he might have heart attack .

Mr. Kabudvand was sentenced to 11 years in prison, and his charges defending human rights ...and he has been in prison for more than eight years already.

Ehsan Mazanderani is on hunger strike since last 12 days ago. He also suffers from intestinal , lung and.. infection and he has lost 40 kilos because of the infections.

According to RSF Iran with 34 journalists in prison is one of the five world greatest jail for journalists.


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