Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mothers Of Laleh Park Demanded An Answer From The Official In The Islamic Regime About Recent Continued And Systematic Violation Of Human Rights....

According to news coming from Iran , " Mothers of Laleh Park " in a statement protested against recent continued and systematic violation of human rights . In their statement which is released today they have called the officials in the Islamic Republic for an answer. The Mothers Of Laleh Park in their statement said, the systematic violation of human rights in Iran is has gone to its alarming points  and we must find a serious way to solve it.
In their long written statement to officials of the Islamic Republic as well as to UN human rights council and other world human rights organizations, the Mothers for Laleh Park expressed about the history of the human rights violation under the Islamic Republic after the revolution up until now and at the end expressed several demands.....


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