Friday, May 20, 2016

Mohammad Emami Kashani The Friday Prayer Imam Of Tehran Said : Which Constitution Allows The Bahai's Who Are The Enemy To Live In The Country !!!!!??????

According to news, Mohammad Emami Kashani the friday prayer of Tehran said: Which constitution allows Bahai's who are the " enemy " to live in the country . He called the Bahai's as a " Dirty Cult " which is made by the colonialism .
This Clergy - Mohammad Emami Kashani

This clergy called Bahai's as"  contaminated " and  "they can't express themselves ".

This clergy about the 12th Shiia Imam ( Imam Zaman ) said: Even the science in lab has proved that, long life of human through the gene is possible ( based on the belief of Shiia worshippers that,the 12th imam went absent since 600+ AD  and will appear one day when the world needed him ) .
Bahai's worshippers claim that, the 12th imam had already appeared around two hundred years ago and that is Mohammad Ali Bob ……



In recent months Islamic regime has intensified their attack on Bahai's …….

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