Thursday, May 19, 2016

Islamic Regime in Iran Is The Enemy Of The Human Rights Organizations And Human Rights Activists …….

According to news coming from Iran , Islamic regime judiciary in a kangaroo court yesterday headed by judge Salavati  sentenced the imprisoned Narges Mohammadi the vice president of " The Organization of Iran Human Rights Defenders"  to another 10 years imprisonment. This brought wave of anger among Iranian and worldwide civil rights activists and organizations.
Ms. Narges Mohammadi is suffering from health condition and needs immediate attention and hospitalization.

Ms. Mohammadi's son and daughters are outside Iran together with their father Mr. Rahmani .
Regime did not allow her to speak with her husband via phone but she was able to speak to her children after 10 months.
Ms. Mohammadi was sentenced earlier to 16 years imprisonment, 5 years for association to commit crime against national security , one year sentence for propagating against regime and 10 years for membership and organizational activities against regime.


President Rohani call himself a lawyer and based on the current constitution he must protect the Iranian citizens rights but what he has done so far is nothing…….

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