Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saman Niyazi The Vice President of The Student Centre For Human Rights Of The Islamic Regime Believe ,The Regime in Iran Is A Islamic Democratic…..!!!????

Saman Niyazi is the vice president of the Student Centre for human rights in the Islamic regime and he believe the regime in Iran is a Islamic democratic and this brings fear among those regimes that are supporting the terrorists in the region.
Saman Niyazi
Iran has a successful democratic system with Islam as its foundation.

He attacked the country of Maldives  and said; Maldives is as big as a city in Iran and this country has threatened it will cut off its diplomatic relation with Iran which makes the media around the world to make jock or laugh.


What is Islamic democratic!!!? ??? What Islamic democratic does on Iranian Bahai's citizens in Iran ? Or the Bahai faith?
What Islamic democratic !!?? does on Iranian Sunni's or christian minorities in Iran ??!!!
How many prisoners are being executed every year in this so called Islamic democratic ??!!
How Many Young Iranian were killed during the presidential coup in 2009 under this so called Islamic democratic ???!!!

And so many many other very important questions.

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